Jerald Monahan and “Start by Believing”


Jerald Monahan, formerly the police chief for the City of Prescott (Arizona) and now police chief for Yavapai College,  has long been an advocate of the “Start by Believing” campaign developed by End Violence Against Women International.

The program essentially asks law enforcement to start investigation by believing the victim, and working from there, as opposed to treating victims with skepticism.

When victims are doubted or blamed, they may never tell anyone else. They won’t get the help they need, and they won’t report the crime. Stop this cycle of silence and help victims on the path to justice and healing,” the website says.

Tragically, not everyone in law enforcement agrees that this is a valid way of dealing with crime victims, notably some Arizona officials.

See a story on that here.

Monahan explains why that’s a short-sighted viewpoint and how the organization plans to fight back.